Jo Hines

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Jo Hines

Deanery Synod Representative

Jo has been part of the St James’s community for twenty years, and values it above all as a place where faith can be explored and shared, where no opinions are frowned on, where difference is cherished and there is freedom and room to grow.

As well as helping to run small businesses – an excellent preparation for her past stint as a churchwarden, as it turned out – she has written several novels and is now focused on non-fiction. Jo believes the message of St James’s Church, its openness and energy, is more important now than ever before:

‘It’s not for everyone, but our task is to find ways to reach people who, like us, will feel they have found their spiritual ‘home’ with this unusual group of pilgrims.’

Jo currently serves as one of our Deanery Synod Representatives and sits on the PCC.