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Our Values

Rooted in God’s earth, we envision a just society and a creative, open-hearted church

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We strive to be a Eucharist-centred, diverse and inclusive Christian community promoting life in abundance, wellbeing and dignity for all.

We try to put our faith into action by educating ourselves and speaking out on issues of injustice, especially concerning refugees, asylum, earth and racial justice, and LGBTQ+ issues.

We offer hospitality and accompaniment to people going through homelessness or living on low incomes.

We seek to be a welcoming space for people to reflect, create, debate.

We aim to ever increasingly align our income generation and expenditure with our vision, and our values of Contemplation, Adventure, Courage, Action and Kindness.


Contemplation reminds us that we are interdependent with all that lives. It is the root of all our action in the world for ‘in quietness and confidence is our strength’ (Isaiah 30.15). We learn that it is not so much that we contemplate God but that God contemplates us and all creation with unimaginable love and grace. 

Click here for more resources about prayer, the Eucharist, and personal stories from our community of people’s diverse journeys of faith.


The spiritual life is rooted in the great adventure of love. It’s an open-hearted way of living, always willing to cross boundaries, break down barriers, forge creative relationships regardless of identity, background, experience or faith. 

As Ruth said to Naomi, we say to Christ: ‘Where you go, I will go. Where you stay I will stay. Your people will be my people and your God my God’. (cf Ruth 1.16-17)

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The phrase ‘do not be afraid’ occurs 365 times in the Bible: one for each day of the year if you need it. 

We believe that living courageously doesn’t mean that we won’t feel fear, we will. But we pray for courage to face the fears in us that have not yet been cast out by love (1 John 4.18). And courage to challenge together the pernicious and persistent injustices of the world, which always start with challenging the injustices we are part of ourselves. 

Prayer flags made by children at Soho Parish School and flown across our courtyard in July 2021 as an expression of endurance and hope as we emerged from the Covid-19 pandemic


We believe that if we want to know who God is or what God does, the action of Christ’s life as recorded in the gospels will show us. 

A life not just of empty rhetoric or vague spiritual teachings, but a life of practical action: feeding, reconciling, healing, forgiving and ultimately laying down the gift of life itself for the reconciling of the world. 

As a church, we want to find ways continually to put our faith into action. Come and get involved in our Earth & Social Justice events and groups.

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Christ repeated the ‘Golden Rule’ common to many religions that we are asked to ‘do to others as you would have them do to you’ (Matthew 7.12). Kindness is at the root of this way of life. 

Human beings are often much more fragile, full of rage or regret, full of worry or doubt, than we let on. 

And so in a world where we can be anything on any given day, we want to try to be kind.