Young St James’s

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A space for young people under 40 to explore spirituality without agenda or judgment.

  • Who We Are

    A group of people in our 20s and 30s exploring what we believe, without agenda or judgement

  • What We Do

    Meet regularly for food, drink and conversation. Get involved in church activities and create our own events for the St James’s community.

  • Getting Involved

    Join our WhatsApp group and email list by contacting Elijah our Production Officer.

  • We welcome those who want to grapple with Christianity; those who aren’t at all sure what they believe; and those who feel on the margins or have been hurt by past experiences with church.

    We meet regularly for food and conversation, to talk frankly and freely about faith, God, relationships, sexuality – you name it. We value questioning, listening, hospitality, and most importantly, friendship and fun.

    We also get involved in events and activities at St James’s. A group of us are involved in Sanctuary, the Tuesday evening Eucharist.

    To find out more and join our WhatsApp group and mailing list, email Elijah our Production Officer.

    Elijah produces digital content for the website and YouTube channels. He oversees Soul at Saint James, liaising with spoken word artist agencies and Soul Sanctuary Gospel Choir, and co-ordinates the Circus Spirit programme.