The Wren Project

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Play your part in the history of St James’s Piccadilly

The Wren Project is a scheme to restore and rejuvenate the historic Sir Christopher Wren church of St James’s, here at the heart of the community since 1684.

Led by our architect Ptolemy Dean, the church building will be carefully restored with a new organ built for the incomparable Grinling Gibbons organ case.

New walkways, a restored courtyard and re-landscaped gardens will provide publicly accessible historic and beautiful spaces to enjoy and new business partnerships will provide social enterprise hospitality.

A new arch will connect Piccadilly and Jermyn Street and new public access from the east is planned from Church Place.

You can find much more detail in The Wren Project Brochure.

With £16 million to raise, we need your help!

St James’s, rooted in its Anglican heritage, has been for decades a place to celebrate and explore all that it is to be human, taking mind, body and soul seriously in the middle of a city that can feel lonely for many.

We invite you today to play your part not only in securing this historic place for generations to come, but by ensuring that a unique place dedicated to the tolerant, open-hearted practice of religion fulfils its purpose like never before.

Be part of this moment when together we re-made the heart of St James’s.

Every penny counts and we recognise that not everyone will be able to make large donations so we encourage you to give whatever you can, however small or large.

St James’s history has been shaped by people that have imagined the world to be different and worked to make it so. If you can consider a major gift your name will be added to a specially commissioned acknowledgment, aligning your contribution to those across the centuries who have helped build who we are today.

The Gillray Gift — £10,000

The Gibbons Gift — £25,000

The Beale Gift — £50,000

The Blake Gift — £75,000

The Cugoano Gift — £100,000

The Wren Gift — £150,000 or more.

For more information or to discuss a major gift, please contact Brian Willetts – Director of Development, or call 020 7734 4511