Food for the Ecozoic

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In 2023 the south-facing, sun-drenched curtilage of the church has become a new Grow Space featuring The Three Sisters (corn, beans and squash) growing on the railings. Many cultures have a version of this staple food combination, which sustainably provides carbohydrates, protein and vitamins/minerals.

  • Why

    To explore sustainable futures by attuning to food-wisdom, including the long traditions of these islands, exposing how agricultural colonisation has excluded people from their lands and disrupted the web of life.

  • To tune into the wisdom of indigenous peoples, learning from those who celebrate the sacredness of the Earth and the kinship of all beings.

  • To see the Divine immanent in all things, underpinned by re-reading of sacred texts and theological insight.

  • Our new food and growing project on the sunny south side of the church launched on Sunday 19th March after the 11.00am Eucharist. Many people took home seeds to grow too.

    The GROW BOX, formerly home to the Daily Bread wheat crop and a profusion of AFTERMATH ‘weeds’, has become a perennial polyculture featuring plants such as barley, flax, and Celtic bean that have grown in these islands, alongside plants such as sea buckthorn, dogrose and wild garlic that thrive in the wild, and species like cardoon that will be valuable in a hotter future. We’ve also sown The Three Sisters (corn, beans and squash), long grown by indigenous Americans. Join us to build partnerships and ecozoic culture through growing, online materials and events.

    How can we begin to repair the damage done to our food system by industrial agriculture?

    What will we grow and eat in the climate-changed future?

    What wisdom will help us return to a gentler, more relational way of being with other species?

    This Week In The Ecozoic

    Visit our blog over the coming months as our garden grows and we explore the stories we tell ourselves.

    The ‘Food the Ecozoic’ project is inspired by prophetic and revolutionary voices wherever we find them, especially indigenous peoples and plants who have long lived sustainably together in the places they find themselves, as an integral part of planet Earth.

    Launch Day

    Growing Kinship

    Londoners, gather here
    and be still.
    The restless electricity of your minds
    needs to be earthed
    here, in this patch of soil
    glistening dark
    in the city’s concrete heart.
    With cupped hands
    receive your envelope of seed-lives;
    wonder at this green shoot.
    Both are your tiny passports to a time
    when Neolithic Londoners
    pressed bean-seeds
    Into earth they cleared from forest.
    These plant-lives connect you through time;
    connect you over continents
    to deft hands delving, wrinkled palms patting
    back the soil; a child’s fingers touching
    the miracle of a seedling;
    to hands both powerful and frail emerging
    anointed with the life-stuff
    which brings forth plant and bird, human and fly:
    you will receive a communion of hope
    you will know that through time and space
    we are kin.

    Diane Pacitti, 2023

    Two labels saying Sea Buckthorn and Dog Rose stick out above the plants growing in the box.

    Flourishing in the Ecozoic Growbox