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Citizens UK

We are a member of West London Citizens. Together we develop local leaders, strengthen local organisations and create change.

Citizens UK is a Community Organising charity working with local people to campaign for justice on the issues that matter to them. There are 17 Chapters across the country, made up of alliances of local member organisations.

St James’s has been a member of West London Citizens for over 10 years, and our engagement with Citizens has been long-standing and varied. Citizens methodology increasingly informs our internal consultation and decision-making processes, as well as our external campaigning.

During 2021, more members of St James’s attended the 1-day and 3-day Citizens introductory training courses.

During the Covid-19 lockdowns, a group of us campaigned to ensure that public toilets in Westminster were opened for people going through homelessness. Another group of us were involved in the Just Transition campaign to help make London carbon-neutral by 2030 and ensure that the policies of a Green Transition prioritise low-income communities.

A further group of 11 people from St James’s completed a 9-month course in ‘Using Citizens tools for congregational growth’, which in turn prompted the formation of our Living in Love & Faith planning group.

Contact Claire Wright, one of our Churchwardens, to find out about our current Citizens activities.