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Exploring Faith

‘May I know you more clearly, love you more dearly and follow you more nearly, day by day’
– St Richard of Chichester 1197-1253

Living life as a Christian is a spiritual adventure rooted in love, forgiveness, and a commitment to peace and reconciliation. It is not always easy or straightforward.

When questions of faith and spirituality stir, the Christian tradition suspects they are stirred by the Holy Spirit. That is, they are a response to the movement of the Spirit in the life of an individual. So if you are reading these pages, the chances are that you are curious enough to explore them.

The Christian tradition also values waiting, not knowing, silence and prayer. So give yourself time to wonder about God’s dream for the world, and the person you are being called to be within it.

Ponder the deepest questions of life and death, and put yourselves deliberately in the way of experiences that will evoke you to awe.

And then take action. Go further on, further in. Find ways to give your time or resources to help build just and faithful communities and serve others wherever you are.

The Gospel of Our Lives

We place great value on listening to stories of faith, and discerning the presence of God in our daily lives. 

Watch short videos made by members of our community on topics such as Qi Gong, Joining in the Dance that is God and finding a Rhythm of Life.

Lucy interviews Mariama

Fiona on Faith in Action

Sherrill on St James’s

Lucy interviews Ben

Hazel on Rhythm of Life

Meg on Qi Gong

Felix on Joining in the Dance that is God

Lia on God with Us in Suffering

Camino Pilgrimage

The word ‘camino’ means ‘path’ in Spanish, and can apply to any journey. But the Camino de Santiago is special. It’s a historic pilgrimage route through Europe to the north west corner of Spain, to the tomb believed to be that of St James, the apostle. Since medieval times, the pilgrimage route has been followed by foot, by horse, (and now increasingly by bicycle) by millions of people who want to make a journey with a purpose, perhaps to mark a transition in life, or to think something through.

A Spiritual Life

How do we talk about God?

What is prayer?

What is the ultimate meaning of life?

What is the Eucharist?

What is the Eucharist?

talking about God by Alice Codner

What is Prayer?

St Ignatius’s Vision of Life

Sharing perspectives on following Christ

People can assume that there is just ‘one’ Christianity, one way of seeing it all and of living it out. But this is not so. There are different perspectives and approaches. As a church, we want to explore the spiritual mysteries of living: the mystery of God, of Christ, of Creation. God speaks – and is honoured – in the concrete realities of our lives. And those realities differ. In sharing and exploring them together we believe we help one another move towards a fuller understanding of the Gospels. And of one another. 

A group of women talking