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the stones hold centuries of prayers, hopes & dreams

St James’s is a beautiful, historic building, with the fabulous light and acoustics of a Christopher Wren church. In a wedding here, bride and groom stand in a place where the stones hold centuries of prayers, hopes and dreams.

The Christian faith is founded on love, and this is the foundation upon which your wedding will be celebrated. To be married in our church means that you will be well prepared, cared and prayed for before, during and after the wedding. One of the clergy team will walk you through every stage, and ensure that you have the pastoral and practical support you need. As a church we are not just there for one day. We are there for life, and you can stay with us and come back to us as and when life allows.

We can offer a marriage service to people who live within our parish boundaries or have a ‘qualifying connection’ to the church, which may be historical (for example, your parents were married here) or built up by regular attendance at our services for at least 6 consecutive months. The qualifying rules can be complicated, so we’d recommend that you contact us early on in your wedding planning to avoid any confusion. 

Once a wedding date has been agreed with the parish office, a member of clergy will meet with you at least two or three times over the coming months to help craft your marriage service, including a wedding rehearsal.

Our downloadable Weddings leaflet includes further useful information. To start your wedding journey with us, contact David our Parish Administrator on 020 7292 4860 or by email below. 

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