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St James’s Piccadilly has been at the heart of its community since 1684. We invite you to play your part in securing this historic place for generations to come.

The Heart of St James’s

St James’s Church Piccadilly has been at the heart of the community since 1684. Generations of Londoners and international visitors have found a place here, attending services or concerts, meeting in its unique courtyard, enjoying the green space of the garden.

We believe that in all our history, there has never been a more important time to build communities of faith that are open-hearted and open-minded, committed to service of others and determined to work across faiths for the good of all.

St James’s has for decades, tried to build that kind of community, where compassion and imagination are placed at the service of the common good. Our ambition is high, not for ourselves, but for our city and society, most especially for those in need or trouble of any kind.

We want to be part of building a London that all of us want to live In. And for us, this means remaining faithful to our purpose: to be a place, even in the middle of the city, of peaceful contemplation, just action, environmental sustainability and lively debate.

It’s time to restore and rejuvenate St James’s once again, celebrating our 17th century inheritance by making it fit for 21st century work.

Please be part of this with us and help build the London we all want to live in.

On this page, you can find information about The Wren Project, Friends of St James’s, American Friends, and Legacies. Congregational Giving has a home on our Spiritual Life pages here.

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The Wren Project

Play your part in the history of St James’s Piccadilly, at the heart of the community since 1684.

Friends of St James’s

Help us make a difference in the community by becoming a friend and making a monthly gift.

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American Friends

We invite our American Donors to contribute to the ongoing work of St James’s through The American Friends of St James’s Piccadilly, a 501(c)(3) corporation.


Support future generations by leaving a gift to St James’s Church in your will

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