Cabaret: A night with Barbara & friends

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The second Saint James’s Cabaret was another great success. Last Saturday night we saw wonderful talent displayed by members of the church and our singing scholars, all hosted by Barbara and facilitated by Circus Spirit. From suave romantic ballads, through interpretive dance to foot stamping anthems that raised the roof, the audience enjoyed an evening with dancing, singing, comedy, cocktails and much more. It was fantastic to hear so much laughter in the church, and of course we were honoured to have a fabulous appearance by Mr. Stephen Fry!

All the proceeds of the bar and tickets sales are going to the social initiatives of St. James’s Church. With your help we raised £1500 pounds, which will help sustain the work at the church.

We would like to thank the performers for giving their time and talent for the evening:  Tom Gidman, Lily Robinson, Venetia Iga, Oscar Henson, Harry Williamson, Lucy Winkett, Michael Haslam, Carmen Dioxide, Barbara herself and of course Stephen Fry.

We look forward to the next one with eager anticipation!

7 May 2022

Barbara our host for the evening

Michael Haslam & SJP’s Singing Scholars performing a Spice Girls song

Lucy Winkett performing a Victoria Wood song

Stephen Fry reads a humorous family letter about Count Dracula

Venetia Iga

Harrison Williams

Tom performing his comedic sermon sketch using ’50 Shades of Grey’ as his inspiration