Romántica Milonguera Orchestra

Church Window Mask

Thursday 6 June 7.30pm

The famous Romántica Milonguera orchestra hails from Buenos Aires, Argentina. Their music pays homage to Argentina’s traditional tango genres while also incorporating their own distinctive style. 

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  • Romántica Milonguera’s music creates a cozy environment that transports the listener into a world of sensuality and love. Their audience is deeply connected to them through the use of intense instrumentation and moving lyrics, leaving them spellbound and speechless. The music of Romántica Milonguera is a celebration of the human spirit and the strength of love. They are true masters of their trade and great storytellers. 

    Their debut was in March 2016 at the Tango Orchestras Festival, and they quickly became famous in Buenos Aires. They became regulars at tango clubs and music halls. At the end of 2016, they recorded their first album and began filming several video clips with millions of viewers. 

    In February 2017, they were presented for the first time in Montevideo, Uruguay, at the Zitarrosa hall. In October 2017, they released the new format “Disco Tanda” 

    In April and May 2018, they toured Europe and Asia with a great impact. 

    Later in 2018, they were invited to play at the Tango Congress of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. In February 2019, they performed at the “Valparatango” festival in Chile.