Queer Journeys: Stories of Migration and Identity in Film

Church Window Mask

Sunday 30 June 3.30pm

Join us for a selection of short films exploring the diverse experiences of LGBTQ+ individuals navigating migration and asylum.

  • Access

    St James’s aspires to be a place where all can belong, and where every person’s gifts and identities are welcome and celebrated. We are working to improve the experience at St James’s in the church building and the online community. We have step-free access from the courtyard to the church, and a toilet for disabled people. The courtyard and Redemption Roasters coffee shop are wheelchair accessible.

  • Masquerade
    Original title: Egungun
    2021  15m
    Director Olive Nwosu
    A woman returns to her hometown of Lagos in search of healing. What she discovers instead is a path that takes her into her past and toward a new understanding of the people and experiences that shaped her.

    2021  16m
    Directors Adam Ali, Sam Arbor
    An unexpected discovery forces Britannia, a gay Libyan teenager, to question whether to stay or flee his beloved homeland.

    For Love
    2021  13m
    Director Joy Gharoro-Akpojotor
    A couple battle for a future where they can find a home and freedom that is not determined by where they’re from.

    2022  15m
    Director Dania Bdeir
    A Syrian migrant working as a crane operator in Beirut volunteers to cover a shift on one of the most dangerous cranes, where he is able to find his freedom.