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Wardrobe, St James’s clothing donation service, runs alongside our Sunday Breakfast food outreach service for individuals experiencing homelessness or living on low incomes. As we prepare for the colder months, and with homelessness on the rise, the demand for clothing and warm items is immense. It is more crucial than ever to ensure our Wardrobe is well-stocked so that the guests of Sunday Breakfast can choose what they need.

How You Can Help

You can make a significant impact by donating through our Wardrobe Wishlist. Your contributions will help St James’s provide the most needed items. When selecting items with size options, please choose ‘Large’ to ensure we can accommodate as many people as possible.

Suggested Bundles

For those who feel particularly generous and would like to donate a selection of items, we have put together some suggested bundles that can make a huge difference to our guests:

Example Bundle #1 – Basic New Outfit | £40

  • Jeans (size 36) – £25.49
  • Heavy t-shirt Pack of 3 (size L) – £13.76

Example Bundle #2 – Extended New Outfit | £100

  • Cargo trousers (size 36) – £25.49
  • Heavy t-shirt Pack of 3 (size L) – £13.76
  • Thermal wool socks – £9.99
  • Sherpa lined fleece hoodie (size L) – £25.50
  • Men’s trainers (size 11) – £24.99

Example Bundle #3 – Warm Sleeping | £130

  • Sleeping bag – £27.06
  • Long sleeve T-shirt (size L) – £14.80
  • Thermal wool socks – £9.99
  • Fleece joggers (size L) – £18.10
  • Waterproof fleece jacket (size L) – £61.98

Your generosity can make a real difference in the lives of those who rely on our services. Together, we can provide warmth, comfort, and dignity to those in need. Thank you for your support.