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Being held by the prayers of St James’s, and holding the Christ-light for others

  • The members of the prayer group are:

    Clare Cowlin, Fiona Notman, Julia Chalkley, Kevin Hipgrave, Hazel Bradley, and Tony Sanchez.

  • Prayer requests

    If you would like to request prayers for someone else or for yourself please email giving brief details.

  • The St James’s Prayer Group was formed at the beginning of April 2021 as there was a perceived need for regular, specific prayer requested by people for themselves and their situations. The members have committed to pray regularly for the people allocated to them in any 1 week. The Group meets quarterly for pastoral and mutual support, and to review the prayer pathway.

    Each week, following liaison with the Clergy, a list of people who have requested prayer is sent out to the members of the Group who pray individually, in their own time, for those people. The list is divided equally and rotated each week. As confidentiality is of the utmost importance, the information provided about each person is their first name and a short sentence explaining the prayer need. The prayer group is a part of the ministry of the prayer life of St James’s. It is not a substitute for intercessions at Sunday and other services, or for individual prayer.

    Some comments from those requesting prayers are:
    “I just wanted to say a huge thank-you to everyone for your kind prayers.”
    “Thank you so much for the continued prayers for xxx. She is deeply appreciative.”
    “Thank you so much for praying for me.”