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Soul at Saint James

On the first Sunday from March to December, we hold an afternoon music festival in our courtyard, with a free gospel singing workshop and spoken word poetry.

Soul at Saint James is a monthly Gospel and Soul music festival in the heart of London

Held in the courtyard our event features the incredible Soul Sanctuary Gospel Choir led by Miko Geidroyc and Clarence Hunt. Spoken word artists have included Sophia Thakur, Dizraeli and Solomon O.B, and iconic music ranging from Whitney Houston to Kirk Franklin.

Each month’s event is themed, focusing on specific aspects of our lives.

Meet the Choir




The uplifting power of Gospel music

“Gospel music has an incredible power to connect with each of us in a unique way. The emotional and spiritual connection that is rooted deep in this soulful music still resonates with us in the 21st century and has influenced pop culture around the globe. At St James’s we want to be a place of meaningful celebration and reflection through music especially for people that may not feel comfortable being inside a church. Soul at Saint James was born in collaboration with Soul Sanctuary Gospel Choir to reimagine what the idea of “Church” could be, where everyone is included and celebrated, and offered the time to engage with their journey on their own terms. We hope to be a place of inclusion and create a space for everyone to enjoy the uplifting power of Gospel music.”