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Embark Festival: A music festival celebrating journeys, stories, migrations and community.

31 August – 3 September 2022

Wednesday 31 August

In conversation with resident artist Iman Tajik, Darren Abrahams of Musicians Without Borders.

Iman Tajik

Glasgow-based Iranian artist and photographer Iman Tajik will display photography and sculpture inside the Church throughout the festival.

Tajik’s work is anchored in a strong social interest and demonstrates an effort to make work that is a critical tool connected to international movements for social change.

Thursday 1 September

Award-winning violinist & composer Anna Phoebe, Ugandan folk singer-songwriter Daudi Matsiko, binary-breaking musician Anil Sebastian

Award-winning violinist and composer Anna Phoebe.

Anna’s latest album Sea Souls is a rich musical palette inspired by the natural world, exploring the dialogue between the sea and inner psyche.

British born and raised Ugandan singer-songwriter and guitarist Daudi Matsiko carefully crafts modern albeit reverent folk music.

Multifaceted musician, producer and creative Anil Sebastian, performed an intimate set with harpist Glenda Allaway

Friday 2 September

Award-winning Syrian Oud virtuoso Rihab Azar performed with her trio, supported by Gustavo Roriz.

Rihab Azar performs with her trio

Syrian oud virtuoso Rihab Azar whose recognition from Arts Council England in 2016 as a musician of “Exceptional Promise”, allowed her to continue her professional pursuit in the UK under the ‘Migrant Talent’ scheme.

Gustavo is a string instrumentalist influenced by African and Brazilian music, jazz, fado, and much more. He performed a set on the “Guiola”, a variation on the traditional Brazilian guitar known as “viola caipira”.

Saturday 3 September

Daytime courtyard programme in collaboration with Good Chance, the organisation behind Walk With Amal.

Girum Bekele is a circus artist from Ethiopia and a core member of the Good Chance Ensemble.

Girum Bekele.

Sounds of Refuge, a project and world music album from John Falsetto, Mohamed Sarrar and Ammar Haj Ahmad fusing Zimbabwean, Sudanese and Syrian music, spoken word and poetry; and much more.

John Falsetto from Sounds of Refuge.

Diyo Mulopo Bopengo & Sarah Orola from Good Chance Ensemble.

Saturday 3 September

Mercury Prize winner Talvin Singh OBE headlined Embark festival along with sarod pioneer Soumik Datta & Indian singer Deepa Nair Rasiya.

Talvin Singh, OBE, is renowned for creating the bridge between Indian and electronic music. Drawing Inspiration from the classical Indian arts, he has managed to sculpt a unique sonic landscape.

Singh’s synthesis of electronic music and eastern aesthetic, is often referred to as Asian Underground, one of the most exciting movements in the history of British music.

Polymath composer, producer, bandleader, TV presenter and Artistic Director Soumik Datta, a torchbearer of the 19 stringed, fretless Indian instrument ‘sarod’, Soumik’s work embraces traditional roots and contemporary electronica to address the urgent issues of our times.

London-born vocalist and composer Deepa Nair Rasiya has been making waves on the World Music platform internationally and is increasingly recognised as a pioneering and innovative composer with a deeply soul-stirring vocal style.

“The impressive, thoughtfully curated line-up includes Mercury Prize winning percussionist, producer and composer, Talvin Singh, who is renowned for creating the bridge between Indian and electronic music.”

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