Jackie Elton

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PCC Member

I have been attending St James for about 8 years and I have lived in London for most my life and have attended a number of different churches and groups – so I value different traditions and influences. I have been involved in both business and charity right through my working life. I have set up and run a couple of businesses and currently I am on the board of three different charities, one is for cleft lip and palate in the developing world, one is a grant giving charity and one is to encourage churches around the UK to be more inclusive of single people. I also support a local project near my home to house young homeless people where they can receive support and training.

I have been involved in a range of activities at St James including Camino groups, Sanctuary and Walking Boots. I really value the variety of experience and people at St James offers. I look forward to the interesting and important challenges facing the St James in the next three years.