London Gallery Weekend Performances

Church Window Mask

Friday 2 June 2.30-3.45pm

Performance programme presented by UP Projects

  • What

    St James’s is collaborating with UP Projects during London Gallery Weekend to present a programme of artist-led performances. The performance programme offers an unparalleled opportunity for members of the public to freely experience site-specific performance artworks.

  • Where & When

    Each performance will be staged three times across the weekend: on Friday 2 June at St James’s, on Saturday 3 June in South London and on Sunday 4 June in East London. This year, London Gallery Weekend and UP Projects are also working closely with arts organisation, Peckham Platform who will develop a special performance for the Saturday working closely with Southwark-based communities and artist, Lesley Asare.

  • About the Performances

    Not a centre, but a mesh – Nicole Bachmann

    Not a centre, but a mesh is a spoken word performance written, produced, and performed by Nicole Bachmann. It explores orality as a tool to pass on knowledge and create meaning, where the voice is the main carrier of information. Bachmann speaks about loss in the face of environmental destruction, social injustices and how we engage in new ways of being together, forming communities and networks to cherish and honour our dependencies of each other.

    The Willow Tree – Li Hei Di

    For The Willow Tree Li Hei Di is joined by three other performers: Qinging Liu, Erin Alles and Juicy Wang, all of whom wear custom-made funnels as hats, replete with many thin, transparent tubes that snake down from their heads and wrap around their bodies. Clad in these costumes, the performers move across stacks of rice paper with dry pigments hidden in between the layers. Liquid is funnelled into the hats, either poured by another of the performers or by placing water bags on the top and pricking them open with a long needle. As water travels through the funnel and into the tubes, it squirts in different directions, mixing with the pigments on the paper to create a self-determining composition.

    Heat Generation (prayer) – Minh Lan Tran

    The performance will be a collaboration between Minh Lan Tran and the choreographer Lena Hetzel. What will happen is the encounter of people, dancers, and fighters, taking part in the event as living archives. The choreography will be built on the performers’ response to the idea of violence, its infliction and interiorization as well as its transformation. The choreography will be built on the performers’ response to the tension and resistance between violence and grace.