Briefing for Lenten Ecumenical Prayer Vigil outside Parliament

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Thursday 18 January 8-8.45pm on Zoom

This event is co-hosted with Churches Together South London, Churches Together in Westminster, Churches Together East London, and the London Mission Collective.

  • Zoom invitation:

    Meeting ID: 812 7342 6513 Passcode: WPCU

  • The vigil is planned for the first 10 days of Lent, 14-24 February, for Christians to stand together, pray and be more visible and vocal in the public sphere about the plight of our neighbour and all of creation in the context of the climate crisis. A coalition of Christian NGOs are organising the vigil and more details are here.

    There are street services planned for the first day, Ash Wednesday, and the last day which is a Saturday. Would you like to join the praying, or bring a youth group to participate in the service, or write to your MP to let them know we’re doing this? These are just some of the ways you could support and get involved, and you can find out more at the briefing. Let us know if you can make it by emailing Joan.