Beating the Bounds

Church Window Mask

Sunday 7 May 12.45pm

Join us for our annual procession around the parish boundary, to reaffirm our belonging and thankfulness for this physical place.

  • Contact

    Please contact asap to get involved.

  • Accessibility and timings

    There will be a range of journeys suitable for strollers, striders and wheelers, and we’ll be back in time for Soul Sanctuary and afternoon tea.

  • ‘Beating the bounds’ is an ancient rogation tradition in which parishioners process around the boundary of the parish, reciting a litany of the saints, and praying for its protection. This year we coincide with coronation weekend with its emphasis on community-building, so our ‘litany’ will reflect this theme, holding tensions between boundary and belonging, inclusion and exclusion, kingship and kinship. Let’s get every St James’s group represented with a reading or reflection for the journey!

    King or kin


    The earth had it right:

    while we carved it into kingdoms, fought for borders,

    deep in that earth the fungi were pushing

    nutrients to weak plants.


    The trees had it right:

    while we arranged ourselves in rank, every tree was spiralling

    in a delicate dance of adjustment, so no leaf

    would thwart its neighbour’s growth;


    The flowers had it right:

    while we placed a glittering weight on the conqueror’s head

    and bowed down, the buttercups were blazing

    five circles of sun-gold.


    Jesus knew

    that even Solomon in all his glory

    was never arrayed like one of these.

    Diane Pacitti