Funerals and memorial services

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funerals and memorials

Christian faith tells us that ‘love is stronger than death’

As a church we welcome the opportunity to support you in the preparation of the funeral or memorial of a loved one. We know that this can be an overwhelming time. Our experience means that we are able to walk alongside you, family and friends sensitively and patiently.

Our aim is to listen and ensure that we are able to do as much as we can to accommodate your wishes for the day. We want to get it right for you and we want the day to be memorable and special.
Our Christian faith tells us that ‘love is stronger than death’ and that there is more beyond this present time and earthly reality.

We hold on to this, amid the sadness and sorrow, and stand with you as we shape the service together. We will take the time to be with you and offer pastoral care and support. St James’s will be there to place the memories of your loved one within a dignified and beautiful service.

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