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A landmark speaking platform for spiritual teachers,
alternative thinkers, conscious business leaders
& visionary thought provokers for the past 30+ years.

  • Who We Are

    An independent not-for-profit organisation dedicated to raising awareness and offering practical, inspiring and alternative solutions for every day living.

  • What We Do

    Run a weekly programme of live and online events.

  • Getting Involved

    For full up-to-date event listings, go to the Alternatives website.

  • ‘Alternatives’ was originally set up in 1982 by the then Rector of St James’s Church Piccadilly, Donald Reeves, and Malcolm Stern. Since then it has become an independent not-for-profit company and talks are still held at St James’s on alternate Wednesdays through the year.

    Alternatives provides a safe space for people from all faiths and backgrounds to explore themes relating to Mind, Body and Spirit outside the confines of organised religion, but hosted in the sacred space of a historic church.

    St James’s church council is glad to offer hospitality to these questionings and gatherings, in a spirit of open-heartedness and exploration.

    Everyone is welcome.

    Marianne Williamson, September 2017

    Venetia David, Senior Director of Alternatives

    Robert Holden, September 2019

    Robert Holden, September 2019