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Rooted in God’s earth, we envision a just society and a creative, open-hearted church

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We strive to be a Eucharist-centred, diverse and inclusive Christian community promoting life in abundance, wellbeing and dignity for all.

We try to put our faith into action by educating ourselves and speaking out on issues of injustice, especially concerning refugees, asylum, earth and racial justice, and LGBTQ+ issues. 

We offer hospitality and accompaniment to people going through homelessness or living on low incomes. 

We seek to be a welcoming space for people to reflect, create, debate.

We aim to ever increasingly align our income generation and expenditure with our vision, and our values of Contemplation, Adventure, Courage, Action and Kindness.

You can explore some of our work for Earth and Social Justice in the images and videos below, and please consider donating to our Solidarity Fund to support our advocacy and outreach work.

And if you want to get more actively involved in our projects, you can sign up below for ChurchSuite where we manage our rotas and volunteer teams.

Earth Justice @SJP

Watch an introduction to Earth Justice at St James’s from our churchwarden Deborah and other images and video of some of our recent projects including Daily Bread, Aftermath, A Triumph of Delights and our monthly Eco-Contemplative Liturgy

Deborah Colvin – Earth Justice @SJP

Eco-Contemplative liturgy

Daily Bread

Aftermath ‘Bomb Box’

A Triumph of Delights

Gold Eco Church Award

The Solidarity Fund

Our Food Outreach Co-ordinator Robin describes our new Solidarity Fund, which supports all of our different projects with asylum seekers and refugees with no recourse to public funds, and people experiencing homelessness or living on low incomes. 

Can you help us continue and develop this important work?

Social Justice @SJP

Explore some of our recent social justice work through art, debate and action, including dramatic installations like Flight and Suspended, our asylum and refugee advocacy work, and our food outreach projects Sunday Breakfast and FEAST.

‘Flight’ – Art installation

Jo, our Asylum and Refugee Advocate

Sunday Breakfast

Christmas FEAST

Queer Theology Panel Discussion

‘Suspended’ – Art installation

Christ has no body now but yours…

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