Donate the Rebate

This winter, we are joining calls asking those who are able to #DonateTheRebate to support those most in need.

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Across the UK, households are now receiving their energy rebates – this amounts to approximately £66 per month per house for the next 6 months. The rebate will reflect in energy bills and is not means-tested – meaning that every household in the UK will receive at least £400 back towards their cost of living. Those fortunate enough to own more than one home will also benefit from this, per household.

For some, this rebate will be a much-needed addition to income at this time. For others who are more financially secure, it’s a nice bonus. But for the millions who have been plunged deep into poverty it’s literally the difference between heating or eating.

If you are able, please consider donating your energy rebate, or part of it, to support the work of St James’s Church Piccadilly through our Heart of St James’s Christmas Appeal.

Donate a one-off sum to the Friends of St James’s fund by clicking here